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Lauriane Zosso
Artistic Director
49th edition

The Silk Roads
August 12-18, 2024


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2024 theme

The Silk Roads

From August 12 to 18, 2024, the International Folklore Festival of Fribourg (RFI) will traverse the ancient Silk Roads, both land and sea routes. The festival audience will follow in the footsteps of merchant caravans and discover the interconnected history of the East and West. Woven through exchanges, the Silk Roads saw the transport of goods and luxury items such as spices, teas, precious stones, and textiles, as well as beliefs, ideas, and skills.

A network of multiple paths that were traveled and unraveled, thus shaping today’s civilizations.

A true space for cultural dialogue, the RFI embodies the Silk Roads. Eight international dance groups will showcase the distinctiveness of Eastern cultures, complemented by a special guest “outside the theme,” Colombia, which will bring a Pacific breeze to Fribourg.

Lauriane Zosso
Artistic Director


The next Festival will take place from August 12 to 18, 2024

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Practical information

When is the festival?

 August 12 to 18, 2024

Public transport access

Take public transport instead: your show ticket is your public transport ticket (valid in zone 10 Frimobil).

Note: the stop for the Halle Omnisport St-Léonard is "Poya", not "Stade-Patinoire".

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Ticket sales

From July onwards, you can buy tickets for RFI shows online.
They are also on sale at the Fribourg Tourisme ticket office (
by telephone on 026 350 11 00 and at the box office at the St-Léonard sports hall before the shows.


The festival is making a transition to cashless, meaning that most stands will only accept bank cards, Apple Pay and TWINT for payments.

Information for foreign visitors

Fribourg is located in the western half of Switzerland, a small country in the heart of Europe, surrounded by Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

Nearest intercontinental airports: Geneva-Cointrin (120 km), Zürich-Kloten (160 km), Basel-Mulhouse (140 km).

Travel by rail: destination "Gare de Fribourg (Switzerland)".