Rencontres de Folklore
Internationales de Fribourg
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Contact for the groups
Lauriane Zosso
Artistic Director

Dinner with a local

Become an RFI guest!

Discover new cultures from the comfort of your own home, thanks to our unique concept: dinner at a local’s home. Imagine sharing a convivial meal with artists representing different folk traditions from around the world. This authentic experience is an opportunity to forge links, promote friendship between peoples and engage in cross-cultural exchange.

Host a Folkloric Lunch allows you to welcome two or more members of a traditional music group (or folk dance troupe) into your home. These passionate artists will be your guests of honor during lunch. You’ll have the privilege of interacting with them, discovering their art and culture, and sharing unique moments of exchange and conviviality.

To take part in this unforgettable experience, simply complete the registration form available on the website. If you have family or friends who would also like to participate in this unique day on Thursday, August 15th, 2024 (Assumption of Mary), we’d be delighted to receive their registrations as well.