Rencontres de Folklore
Internationales de Fribourg
Case postale 474
CH-1701 Fribourg
Ph: +41 (0)79 955 47 70
Contact for the groups
Lauriane Zosso
Artistic Director


The world's youth in Fribourg

Every summer, the Rencontres de folklore internationales de Fribourg (RFI) bring together eight to ten ensembles performing the traditional folklore of their country. Nearly 300 dancers, singers and musicians join Fribourg to share the joy and the colours of their traditions with the festival’s audience. The RFI are today the only annual event of this type in Switzerland.

The festival runs thanks to the work of a committee and the involvement of more than 300 volunteers. Around 30,000 spectators take part in this event every year.

A family-friendly and cheerful event

Family-friendly and open, the RFI are aimed at people of all ages. They have been a moment of sharing and conviviality for more than forty years. The centre of the festival, called ‘Village of the World’ (Village du Monde), is free for all. Located on the “place Georges Python”, it comes alive every day with shows performed by the festival’s groups and by various artists.

In addition to the animations in  Village of the World (Village du Monde), the RFI organise parades, indoor and outdoor performances, activities for children, concerts, as well as different collaborations with local partners. Most of these events are free.

The CIOFF festival

RFI is a member of CIOFF, the International Council of Organizations for Folklore and Traditional Arts Festivals. As a CIOFF festival, RFI’s mission is to disseminate intangible cultural heritage through music, dance, song, customs, tales, rituals, traditional games, crafts and regional cuisine.

The Swiss CIOFF association, known as CIOFF Switzerland, is accredited by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. It seeks to identify, promote, disseminate and safeguard traditional culture. CIOFF Switzerland has a section called CIOFF Jeunes Suisse, run entirely by young people aged 16 to 27. Through various activities and collaborations, they promote intangible cultural heritage among young people.