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The folk group El Behira was created in 1964 in Damanhur. It is composed of 60 artists who perform dances and traditions from almost all the regions of Egypt. Their repertoire includes dances about the life of the farmers and the fishers, the religious dance «Tanoura» with its famous Dervishes, the stick dance from Upper Egypt, as well as the Egyptian wedding ceremony. Each performance of the group is accompanied by musicians who play instruments such as the oud, the mizmar, the tabla, the daf, the riqq or the violin. The group Damanhur El Behira participated in many international festivals, where it presented the Egyptian culture and traditions during high-quality shows.

> Back in time, in Egypt, oriental dance was performed by women of the nomadic people Ghawazee, among others. The dancers wore colourful dresses and used to dance barefoot. These characteristics can still be found in this style of dance nowadays.

During the RFI, the artists from Egypt will take part in the following events: