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Keepers of the Earth

The 48th edition of the International Folklore Festival of Fribourg (RFI) will take place from August 14th to 20th , 2023. This year, the RFI offers a journey into the pristine nature and presents its keepers. From vast expanses of sand and endless steppes to imposing gorges and volcanic landscapes, these areas are home to peoples with remarkable traditions.

The RFI will explore the special connection between humans and nature, and highlight the influences of flora and fauna in folklore. The public can discover the traditional culture of cowherds, shepherds, riders, nomads, and indigenous people who live in harmony with animals and protect our Earth. In the face of climate change, valuing a respectful way of life for "Mother Earth" or "Pachamama" seems crucial. Perhaps, invoking the ancestral love of humans for nature, this edition will serve as a little reminder for our society?

The communities invited and the detailed program of the festival will be released by the end of June. The registration form to become a volunteer is already open.

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Ensemble Jahua Ñan
Kecskemét Folk Dance Ensemble
Kemajl Azizi
Grupo Folklórico Costumbres
Viorica National Folk Ensemble
Native Pride Productions
Sidlangaloludzala Cultural Group
Ezimnyama Dance Company